To all my HVAC contacts. PM me here and I will assist in signing you up for wholesale pricing for the only copper theft solution that works. Since 2003 with thousands sold not ONE a/c has been stolen. For everyone who qualifies that PM me will receive 20% off their first order and I’ll pay the shipping. This is a limited time offer so don’t delay. Please feel free to share this post with any of your contacts.

Bob Frederick




Hvac copper theft of 100K or more at three malls. If your an A/C contractor and not offering your customers the CopperWatcher your missing a golden opportunity. Copper theft isn’t going to stop but we can stop a copper thief. 

CopperWatcher can also protect mini split systems too. Call for your free site survey today at 817-684-1216

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COPPER THEFT: The Next Gold Rush

Factors to consider when selecting a theft-deterrent device for your customers.

Copper is a key component used in the manufacturing of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. Despite its necessity, a thief can steal the copper coils or the entire A/C in a matter of minutes. In the past few years the industry has seen a huge shift in the way thieves are stealing the copper from A/C systems. A short time ago, thieves would only steal the copper coils. With regulations more stringent on scrap yards (from photographing of metal being scrapped and paying scrappers with checks instead of cash to only allowing scrap yards to accept scrap metal from licensed businesses), thieves are finding it easier to steal the entire system and then sell it on the underground market. Back when thieves would sell the copper coils for scrap, they would get $60 each. Now, taking that same unit out intact and selling it on the underground market could net them more than $1,100.

Without CopperWatcher
Without CopperWatcher
US Patent #7834772
US Patent #7834772
With CopperWatcher
With CopperWatcher


Copper thieves can destroy or completely remove your air conditioning system in less than 4 minutes, leaving you with enormous repair or replacement costs. CopperWatcher™ monitors the vulnerable connections perpetrated by thieves and stops them as early in the theft attempt as possible. CopperWatcher™ installs on all air conditioning systems 230/480 volt and links to the buildings existing burglar alarm. Upon a theft attempt, CopperWatcher™ signals the burglar alarm system that activates a loud siren drawing attention the would-be thief. CopperWatcher™ is the only monitoring device designed for air conditioning systems that will not false alarm, is tamper proof, patented and UL listed.
CopperWatcher™ can also be used to protect the main electric service to any structure.


Detects theft by monitoring vulnerable connections compromised by thieves.

  • Voltage
  • Refrigerant Pressure
  • Fully tamper proof and supervised

Detects Theft of Condensers:

  • Rooftop
  • Refrigeration
  • Residential/Commercial


The CopperWatcher™ is the premier solution to the explosion in air conditioning coil theft for scrap copper.
CopperWatcher™ targets the connections thieves’ compromise to steal an air conditioner with unsurpassed reliability. Typically the first thing a thief does before stealing the unit is shut down the high voltage power at the disconnect located next to the A/C.

CopperWatcher™ supervises power to the A/C. When power is shut off, the CopperWatcher™ sends a signal to the existing burglar alarm system. The burglar alarm systems loud siren sounds drawing attention to the would-be thieves. CopperWatcher™ is intelligent enough to tell the difference between a purposeful shut down and a local power outage, and will not send a “false alarm” to the security panel. Saving you a possible fine with your local authorities and the nuisance the audible alarm will cause.

The moment a power outage occurs, CopperWatcher™ will still be functioning because it is supported by the alarm systems backup battery and detects theft through a specially modified and patented pressure switch. CopperWatcher™ will sound the existing alarm siren the moment a pressure loss is detected and again drawing attention to the theft. CopperWatcher™ also accepts other forms of applicable detection equipment as long as it meets the demand of the application and quality standards.

You want to detect the theft as early as possible to prevent any repairs of a foiled attempt. Some companies promote systems that do not supervise power like CopperWatcher™ does. If your only line of defense is a pressure switch then the best outcome to hope for is a sizeable repair of the refrigerant line. Our design promotes a thief fleeing an attempt to steal from you as early in the process as possible so you keep your equipment and minimize the damage.

Do your homework regarding the few systems available and ask if they are as comprehensive as CopperWatcher™ is at providing theft detection. Systems that can be defeated by turning off power, are not battery backed up or use leak prone line tap valves are selling you short or creating problems. If they are not covering every angle available to a thief, ask yourself why? It will only cost you money if you don’t.

What is the cost of doing nothing?
It’s important to know…

Air conditioning coils can be stolen in a matter of minutes. Replacement of just a single condenser can cost over $3,000.00, how many condensers do you have? Repair of a condenser coil, cut by an attempted theft can cost over $1,000.00. How early in the theft process would you like to detect an attempt?

A theft during the winter can go unnoticed until the following spring, causing additional damage and adding considerable cost to repair. Exposing the compressor oil to moisture and contaminants will ruin it and require an entirely new outdoor unit.

The Government standards for energy efficiency have been raised and condensers less then 13 S.E.E.R. are no longer manufactured. If your S.E.E.R. rating is under 13 and your outdoor unit is stolen, then you will need to replace all of your equipment and in some cases even the very expensive copper refrigerant lines. This can cost you over $6,500.00 per unit to replace on a typical 2000 sq ft house. How big is your home or business?

Roof mounted units are prime targets because they are not seen, which allows an ample amount of time to steal them all. What is the cost of closing your business or moving into a hotel for a day or two because there is no cool air or heat? Replacement of in stock equipment can take days. Turn your air or heat off right now and see how long it takes to notice a difference.

Some units are special order and take weeks to manufacture. Insurance companies can drop your coverage after 3 theft claims in 5 years. Once dropped by your insurance carrier obtaining coverage will be costly if available at all. Appearance is perception; cages on air conditioners are like burglar bars on windows, what does this say about the neighborhood and property value? Quality cameras are expensive and provide nothing but video to remind you of being a victim. CopperWatcher™ is engineered to work with the system best suited to detect theft, your security system. Loss of revenue, lost customers, loss of sleep, loss of coverage, higher premiums, anger, frustration, what´s the cost?

Can you afford to do nothing?

Doing nothing will cost you everything!

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