1. What type of air conditioning systems does the CopperWatcher™ detect theft of?
CopperWatcher™ detects thefts of all types of refrigerant systems, rooftop mounted, ground mounted, commercial refrigeration, residential, new & old. If it heats or cools with refrigerant, a theft can be detected.

2. Will the CopperWatcher™ work during a power outage?
YES, the CopperWatcher™ detects the loss of power and continues to monitor your equipment and will not cause a false alarm.

3. Will the CopperWatcher™ work with my existing installed alarm system?
YES, CopperWatcher™ will interface with all residential and commercial burglar alarm systems. Contact your alarm company and ask if they sell the CopperWatcher™.

4. Does the CopperWatcher™ have a battery backup system?
YES, that is one of the many benefits of connecting to your existing alarm system.

5. I have an alarm system installed, but not monitored. Will the CopperWatcher™ still detect an attempted theft?
YES, your alarm system siren will act as the deterrent if a theft is detected.

6. Does the CopperWatcher™ effect the serviceability of my air conditioning system?
CopperWatcher™ does not change the way routine maintenance, seasonal service or annual cleaning is performed.

7. I just had a new air conditioning system installed. When I install the CopperWatcher™ will my factory warranty be voided?
NO, the CopperWatcher™ will not void the factory warranty.

8. Does the CopperWatcher™ work if I do not arm my alarm system?
It can, depending on your existing alarm system capabilities.

9. I was looking at the CopperWatcher an noticed that is said CopperWatcher™ can also protect your vacant lease spaces from wire theft. Could you please tell us more about this feature of the CopperWatcher.
They simply install the CopperWatcher control enclosure to the main safety electrical disconnect located next to the electric meter. Run a pair of 16 gauge inline fused (smallest amperage as possible) wire from 2 legs of the supplied voltage to the line voltage terminals of the CopperWatcher. Run a pair of 16 gauge inline fused (smallest amperage as possible) wire from 2 legs of the applied voltage to the load voltage terminals of the CopperWatcher. Install a jumper between terminals P1 and P2. The alarm company will connect to terminals A1 and A2.

OPERATION: If city power is lost the CopperWatcher switches to Fail Safe mode and will NOT false alarm. If the thief turns off the safety disconnect switch the applied (load) voltage is lost and triggers the CopperWatcher into alarm mode. In alarm mode the existing burglar alarm system is activated.

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